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It was time for this post.
I spent the bulk of my summer in Jaipur, and though I had a gazillion things I wanted to accomplish, in the end Harry, Kyra and I pretty much sat and watched TV for the most part, and really who can deny that pleasure? I watched a whole lot of Jay Leno, Diff’rent Strokes (Awesome, awesome show!), Yo Mamma, Friends, English Premier League and even had my dose of IPL (Deccan fan here). We also watched a lot of Vh1 and all the ‘latest’ songs that were. There was one song however that from the first time we heard it, caught on to us by storm. Note this song wasn’t very good, in fact it really wasn’t good, but the sheer hilarity of the song just hit us and now we love it so much I sure it’s one of those thing we’ll laugh about for a while.

“Now if she does it like this will you do it like that? Now if she touches like this, will you touch her right back? Now if she moves like this, will you move like that (come on) Shake, Shake, Shake, Shake, Shake It “

- Shake It by Metro Station

It’s just the genius of the marketing that has made this song so successful. Shamelessly targeted at all the teenyboppers out there, who pass through adolescence listening to a band that maybe taking themselves very seriously! But who am I in this, anyway? I’m just a lowly critic, albeit with a point to make. Now this song however bad and lame it is, will stay with me. I like this song I admit it, though wholly for different reasons.

Have you ever had that feeling?
You keep listening to a song over and over again, at a certain time or place in your life, and then it gets old and you reshuffle your playlist. Then years later you hear the song again, and you get that weird feeling that kind of reminds of you of that previous time. It shoves those feelings back into you, even years later because your mind conditioned itself to combine to unrelated things: The song and the emotion you felt at that point of time.
Anyway it’s nice.

Completely swinging around, I love Joss Stone. I love the way she sings, her voice, her presence, her music; everything. I heard her for the first time a month before the Desert Rhythm Festival 2007 where Mika was performing. She was too, so I decided to check her out. Well basically I was wowed, and enough to say that in the end I decided I wanted to see her more than Mika. I’ll also admit that it’s because of listening to one of her songs that sparked this post.
‘Tell Me What We’re Gonna Do Now’ by Joss Stone feat. Common.

The song in itself may be average, but god I love it, again for different reasons. The way she screams so melodic-ally right at the end, just gives me the good feeling that people give a shit about what their doing. Whether the world ends in 2012 or not, at least we gonna go out swinging and singing.

Anyway, right about now this post seems aimless, but sometimes music is like that. We need to float. And there are songs out there that speak directly to you even if the lyrics don’t fit. Also I felt I needed to do this, and I’m gonna be doing music for a while now. I hope you guys can relate.

More posts like this! Woo!

2 responses to "We didn't have a Music Label?"

  1. Ahahahaha!
    Tejas I swear man, I didn't even know you'd posted this and I swear I was listening to shake it!
    Thank you for the linkage and awesome post.
    I completely agree that sometimes, SOMETIMES, you just need to shake it.
    I've been shaking it to my other guilty obsession Katy Perry's Hot N Cold. I swear to God this woman could be the new Robbie Williams if she gave a shit.
    Excellent post again, I sincerely hope we have more like it.
    Incidentally no verification word today!
    It's probably out somewhere else doing it like this or maybe doing it like that.


  2. "sheer hilarity of this song"... YES YES... SHAY SHAYK A SHAKE IT!(phonetically speaking)

    and yeah i too like this song for wholly different reasons than its lyrics... but those are even more embarrassing so let your imagination run wild because you're basically never going to find out...

    incidentally there is a verification code today so if it was shaking it somewhere else some other day.... it's back.... also incidentally.. my word for the day was "crogue"... wonder what that means?

    good post. Not that big a fan of Joss Stone quite yet.. but you know how it is... you need one song... just one... to get your curiosity aroused and then you know you're going to find out everything else by that artist in a matter of hours/minutes!! So... Joss Stone's one song that is to be stuck in my head for eternity is yet to be written/ heard.


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The All of us.