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Ello All,
This won't be a very long post. The film scarcely deserves a decent length review.
Don't get me wrong- it's not that the film was bad or anything. It just wasn't very good either.
I read a review some weeks ago and I decided to pay no heed to it. I am a Guy Ritchie loyalist and I will not lose faith.
And it is hard to blame the guy solely. There is some EXCELLENT action in the film and he's got some killer slow motion sequences as always but beyond that there's very little he could have done.
If I had to blame anything it'd be the script. The plot line is nice and all but better suited to a 42 minute show on TV.
The acting as well is good but there's rarely anything worth remembering. Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law have phenomenal chemistry but, end of the day, you could have put any two actors and their British accents instead and it'd be hard to tell the difference.
The only actor who comes out with any real merit for me was Mark Strong.
Generally, it was just an underwhelming experience and I do believe the script was just never worth the cast or director. Yes it's a fresh take on Holmes and indeed it is funny at times but I did not come out with anything but a shrug.
His deductions are very good and him and Watson are an excellent team and yes he's quite a character with some brilliant inventions/ observations but none of that leads to anything bigger. It's just a whole lot of foreplay.
A special mention must go the awesome score, and the awesome closing credits sequence.
This movie was meant to herald in 2010's list of bad ass releases.
I hate Madonna.

4 responses to "Sherlock Holmes: A Review"

  1. Same! I told Kyra same to same when I saw the movie. Good deductions which is what makes Holmes who he is, but not impressive enough story line.
    I said same when I saw movie. I said it first, you were just smart enough to publish it. You bleedy boy.


  2. I can vouch for you. You said EXACTLY the same thing. Although, to be fair, first you said "Bad, no good, dont see", and when I asked you to plizz elaborate, then yes, you said same to same.

    Sad though, I had so many expectations of this fil-im. Like you said, this was meant to herald in 2010's list of bad ass releases.


  3. Yeah.
    #@$% Madonna.


  4. What exactly did Madonna do to this film? Or to you?


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