Now and Then.

Who the...?

Harendra Kapur.
Kyra Mathews.
Tejas Menon.

Hello dear reader,
It's very likely you don't know who we are and so, before we get into it, we'd like to introduce ourselves. In case you do know who we are, stop reading now and do a little dance.
All three contributors to this blog are college students studying in India. We've all spent significant parts of our childhoods growing up in the UAE as well, and whether or not that has anything to do with it, we all love to watch movies, read books and listen to music. This blog however is a result of the fact that we also love to give our opinions about everything.
So what should you expect from this blog? Expect rants exhalting or berating anything from the latest Apple gadget to the latest piss poor excuse for cinema in this country.
So without any further ado, I give you the contributors:

Tejas: An Arts student in Pune, he is an avid musician constantly writing and experimenting with new styles and genres. He's also a part time film maker with a penchant for word play. He's also the funniest guy we know so you can look forward to some interesting takes on the latest developments in art and technology.

Kyra: A graduating media student in Mumbai, she's a writer who's done everything from painting to acting. She's also written a book and is by far the most accomplished writer of the three of us, so we fully understand if the majority of the hits are when she posts!

Harry: A media student in Mumbai, he's struggling to complete his graphic novel and loves complaining about anything he sees or hears. He is an accomplished artist and has a keen eye for detail. We expect most of the criticism to come from his side.
That's the lot of us, who knows we may have a few guest writers once in a way, but for the most part it'll be us talking about the things we've been doing.
We do hope you come back to read more.
Till then.

8 responses to "We the..."

  1. blog the hell on baby!
    be regular k?
    and if there are any openings for a foreign blogger, please let me know?


  2. looking forward to reading some amazing posts on your blog



  3. Oh awesome! we'd be very honoured if you could blog for the website, you can be like the foreign correspondant. :D
    let you know more later, and thanks for the support!


  4. What a wunnerful idea.

    Let me know if you want a guest blogger. I be honoured.

    And if you don't, well, hell, I'll be reading anyway.

    Awesomeness, people.

    Quaint Murmur

  5. very nice...
    loved it...pure kickassity...


  6. Good work


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The All of us.

The All of us.