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I am buzzed out of my mind after having several shots of green apple smirnoff, and boy am I happy! I know this is completely unrelated to the purpose of this website but man I just want to pay tribute to who should have been the Aussie captain much before and instead of that fuckin Ricky Ponting.

Deccan Chargers are in the finals thanks to the greatest of all bloody captains: Adam Retitred from first class cricked-not played for an entire year-Fuckin' Gilchrist. 85 in 35 balls, nuff said, against all bloody odds. Delhi has beaten Hyderabad in every previous match. Chargers lost on 4 out 5 times we chased targets. Delhi was on the top of the table and we were fourth. Outclassed in every single way thanks to the most low-key, under-appreciated team of all time. And how fitting if IPL 2009 is won by the very team that was at the bottom of the barrel in 2008. Props to everyone else too.

Adam, you are the Man. You lead by example. I salute you, through shit colour uniform and through sexy blue. And this green apple shit is awesome.

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The All of us.

The All of us.