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I have never been a big fan of horror movies. Its not that I don’t enjoy them, per se, it’s just that I very rarely get scared or touched in any way when watching one. The only horror movies that have ever touched a chord in me, on a deep chilly level has been “The Exorcist” (surprise surprise) and “The Omen Trilogy”, both of which I own on DVD and have watched alone at home many a time. Since the creation of these movies, there has never been a movie that I have wanted to watch over and over again, or talk about, forget writing reviews.

I ignored the Blair Witch phenomenon. I watched the movie, sure, and while I admired the use of documentary film-making in terms of horror, I shrugged after watching the movie, and my exact words I recall was “Meh”.

However, Paranormal Activity aroused my interest for many reasons. 1) The extreme hype that surrounded it, 2) The abnormally minimal budget used to film it ($ 15,000) 3) It was being called the best horror movie of the decade. 4) The story seemed simple enough to have potential: a couple who believe they are being haunted, decide to film themselves and their home to spot any evidence of ghosts/demons.

A friend who I have always admired for his cool and calm head, lent me the DVD and warned me not to see it alone, and while I scoffed at him at the time, I'm glad I took his advice.

If you break it down into pieces (which you really shouldn’t do), analytically, the film isn’t a masterpiece. However, it does the one thing its supposed to do. It chills you. Its quiet, and theres no gore, or anything stereotypically scary but before you know it, you’re leaning back in your seat, and wondering why the heck you’re scared, because nothing has even happened. The entire film is set primarily in the couple’s bedroom, with a few minutes spent in the living room. It’s a movie based on conversation and a hand-held camera, a movie that while you say “Oh well, that wasn’t so bad”, once its done, STILL somehow has the power to keep you awake all night.

A friend and I watched the movie at 11pm, and by 12:30, it was done, and we bragged about how this was a bunch of overrated hype, and there was nothing scary about it. Then we went to bed, and managed to get sleep only at around 5am. Like the best of horror movies, there is no logic to why you should be scared. You know you aren’t possessed, you know there aren’t demons in your body, or ghouls under your bed, you also know that you’re an adult and you should really know better. Yet, like the best of horror movies, Paranormal Activity, gets you asking yourself the most creepy question of all : What if?

4 responses to "Paranormal Activity: Haunting You in Your Sleep"

  1. Boo to horror movies.
    'What if?' - that's the main reason I hate them so much. I do not ENJOY doubting and questioning everything around me. Which I tend to do lots of after watching senseless horror movies. Boo. I hate them. Award nominated/winning or not.


  2. We has discussed this before, you. You, my fraand, are chicken. And sometimes, a little thrill and chill might be good for the you.


  3. I don't know which ending of the movie you saw, (if it's an official dvd then its most likely speilberg's) but mother of god I couldn't walk around the house looking for water later.
    In fact the other night we watched it again and everytime we opened the room door we'd hear a noise that scared us horrid.
    The movies that scare me most are movies about shit that COULD happen. Like the Amityville Horror. Regular, decent people going ape shit because of voices and all.
    Paranormal scared me most because of the 'boring' time lapses where you're just waiting and waiting and waiting and whatever little thing happens is so intense.
    Shiver me timbers.


  4. I know! Thats exactly what I said : you're getting scared out of your mind and nothings even HAPPENED. Its just the possibility of what COULD happen. And then when it does happen, its even scarier than it should be, simply because you waited for so damn long. Yowza. I screamed lots of when the sheet started moving. That wasnt a very proud moment for me. Argh.


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The All of us.