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I have been living a different kind of life from last week onwards. I recently joined a radio station in Pune to do an internship, and it has overwhelmed me to say the least. Late nights, Page 3 type parties and a whole lot of experimentation with alcohol. But the main issue I have been facing is that after all these late nights, everyone still has to come back to work the next morning and continue as if nothing has happened. Now don't get me wrong I love my job, and it has been a complete revelation for me to understand how radio stations operate, but lets face it- its damn freaking hard to come to work and just work, when your hungover. I hope everyone doesn't think that I've become a thriving alcoholic, thats really not the case but rarely when I do indulge and I'll admit to it becoming a little more often than I initially thought it would be, its hard to get through the next morning.

I remember changing into my clothes, taking a shower and then catching a rick to work, all the while listening to music on my shuffle. As I kept changing song after song, it would keep going through KT Tunstall (nothing against her, I love her to death and beyond) Joss Stone, and John Mayer, who were all relatively mellow and subdued artists and with a bad headache I kept thinking "Man, where the f*ck is the heavy shit?!' I realized I didn't have much of what would and should be an integral part of any drinker's life: Hangover Remedial Music. (Note: how awesome is that its also Human Resources Management?)

That first morning was hard to get through. I needed the music to accesorize and accentuate. I needed to drown the headache is something loud. Now to each his own and HRM can be different for every individual, but for me I realized I had to go back to a band I had not listened to in a long time. They would proceed to become a part of my every morning since and are so damn awesome that its nothing less than a shame that they broke up.

"In with the early dawn / Moving right along / I couldn't buy an eye of sleep
And in the aching night / Under satellite / I was not recieved
With the stolen parts / A telephone in my heart / Someone get me a priest
To put my mind to bed / This ringing in my head
Is this a cure is or is this a disease?

Nail in my hand / From my creator
You gave me life now, Show me how to live!"

- Show Me How to Live, Audioslave

I swear for me personally, there has never been a band more fitting for my state of mind than Audioslave. The perfect combination of screaming screaching vocals by Chris Cornell mixed with the bass-heavy riffs of Tom Morello, to the endless pounding of drums crashing away. I grit my teeth and and bury myself in the sounds of pure hard rock. That's all.

And so the morning becomes bearable.

Deccan Won, Man U lost, Baichung Won(!) sweet it is...and wait for it...Watchmen released in Pune TODAY. Still gonna see it again.

3 responses to "HRM"

  1. Ahaha great post. I couldn't agree more, though I usually prefer KT when I'm hungover. Incidentally, you should check out the album I just reviewed for more stuff that might do the trick...
    also awesome about watchmen...
    word: fanst


  2. Awesome post. Yes, yes. Like harry the pug traitor, i too prefer KT when hungover. Love show me how to live too also.


  3. hey, good post...
    also, the post and the commments leave me wondering .. if i get drunk and when i'll get a hangover will i actually stop lissening to jagjit and start lissening to KT???

    any ways.. enjoy your internship and keep blogging


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The All of us.