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Today's a post is a particularly self indulgent one in that it relates directly to the very medium I'm using. And now I've just spoken about the post itself. Yowza.
Anyway, a few friends from college have started a very earnest blog that'll relate to their course in Journalism. So far they've not really picked up much pace, but pretty soon, I think they'll really take off. Thing is, it really got me thinking about the sheer power of blogging, and while I'm sure it's been said more than enough, but the blogosphere RULES!
For Tejas and me, our first tastes of it were when Anish insisted we gave it a shot, and the first thing that really struck me was the kind of freedom I had. I could say what I wanted, how I wanted and when I wanted it.
Initially it was this very self serving 'express all opinions' type rush, but now I've realised just how significant this freedom is. I can mention the deepest, sometimes darkest feelings and thoughts, without worrying about selling, or copyrights, or any sort of control. And while yes, it sounds very rebellious to have that, the really awesome part is, the kind of re assurance one can get from the other, sometimes random people who not only tolerate but sometimes even agree with these feelings.
If I write poorly I won't lose anything. If I say something bad I won't lose anything. If I, on the other hand, just do it, there's so much I can gain.
This is a blog for the few people I know who either will soon start blogging, or have started blogging already. The blogs I have enjoyed most, both writing and reading, have been those blogs which have come out of the sheer need to blurt out what's being felt. Anish's best posts are always the ones where he's too impassioned to care whether or not he's making sense. Kyra's posts are always immaculate because they're always so purely ridden with feeling and thought, which ordinarily would be hidden.
If you're reading this, tell a non blogger friend, that in a world of nearly 7 billion people, the supply of human interaction completely overpowers the demand for it, and the best friend you'll ever find, is you're keyboard. It doesn't judge you, it doesn't question you, and every so often, it finds you someone who'll love you to peices.
I will end with a quote we've used before, but it's totally apt:
'Go on. Try it y'self! Blogging!'

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