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Ello All,
My most honest, most tangible dream is to help create (be) India's version of Jon Stewart. He's clever, he's funny and most importantly, you'll always agree with him.
Here in India, sadly there is no one comic to challenge the system. What we do have, is a little girl. A little girl with chubby rosy cheeks, a pony tail and no visible nose. For the past 32 years, she's been such a large part of this nation's middle class.
Mocking movies, politics or just about anything in the news, every friday people will peer out of their cars or homes for the nearest Amul billboard to see what she has to say.
When Cheeni Kum came out, she said 'Butter Zyaada', when stocks were dropping she called it the 'Nonsensex', and more recently, when the Bandra Worli Sealink came up, she said:
'Early To Worli: No Jam, only Butter.'
A while back, I'd bitched and cribbed about how for some reason, India doesn't have any good Mascots it can lay claim to, but the truth is, we may very well have the greatest Mascot of all.
The Guinness book of world records may acknowledge it as the world's longest ad campaign but the truth is, Sylvester DaCunha's creation has become far more than that.
The plan was to make a mascot who could 'worm her way into the heart of every housewife' and the cute little girl in a polka dot dress did just that. Presently, no brand comes close to the sales of Amul butter and quite frankly, no brand ever will.
It's not that the butter is any better. It's just that for 32 years we've giggled with the same girl and we don't intend on ever changing that.
The Air India man keeps losing weight, the Boomer man doesn't seem to stay for very long at all, and the young doctor who fed his cows chewing gum disappeared. The Amul Baby stuck around.
From an advertising point of view, it's incredible. Every ad man worth his salt will use Amul as an example of a brand's staying value.
From a political cartoonist's point of view, it's the toughest possible competition. With the greatest of respect to RK Laxman, 7 out of 10 times, the Amul Girl's the one I'll tell my friends about.
From a business point of view, it's a 2500% sales increase.
Most importantly though, from an Indian's point of view, I get a free joke every week, and the best part is, there's a cute little girl smiling at me while I get it.
My other dream is to have a Wikipedia page about me. But I'd be totally psyched if I'm big enough to be mentioned in an Amul ad.
To the Amul girl, thank you for all the years of being so very Utterly Butterly Delicious. To the readers here's a few hours worth of some of the things she said.

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  1. Hey Harry, for some damn reason "A little girl with chubby rosy cheeks, a pony tail and no visible nose." reminded me of Vallu.....great post btw....


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