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So a couple of nights ago I watched a movie called "Jack and Jill Vs. The World". Easily one of the worst films I've ever seen (Until I saw Wolverine a few hours later...). Predictable plot line, self righteous sub texts, and the annoying facial contortions of Taryn Manning.

But the one reason I put myself through it was because it starred Freddie Prinze Jr.

Around 2001 when I moved to Dubai and got my first taste of cable television (I was in boarding school and in the summers,on a farm) I caught a romantic comedy starring Julia Stiles and FPJ(He totally deserves an abbreviation). It was the quirky 'Down To You' and it left a huge impact on me.

Thing is, I was just hitting puberty and the only thing more embarassing than a cracking voice at that age, is admitting to watching chick flicks. A couple months ago I was lucky enough to watch it again, and I've got to say, screw guilty pleasures- Freddie Prinze Jr. freaking rules.

There's something about the way he'll bobble his head and pronounce his 'S's which is instantly appealing.

Not just that, but that string of 'Boys and Girls', 'Head over Heels' and 'Summer Catch' along with the earlier 'She's all that' are easily some of my favorite movies of all time.

I'd put them right up there with 10 things I hate about you, in my list of 'Top Movies to show to my kids when they still listen to me'.

The movies he picked were usually smart, slick and extremely funny with great sound tracks. And honestly, other than his usual boyish charm, he's never really done the same character type more than once. Even in the movie that instigated this post, Jack and Jill, he plays a bogged down Ad Exec and while the role instantly calls for stereotypical introspective glances, he played it entirely differently. (I'm not saying you should watch the film. If you're reading this blog we probably like you, so don't put yourself through it!)

The last I saw of him was in Boston Legal as Denny Crane's son and you know what, that's just not good enough for me.

The greatest thing to come out of that spurt of excellent Teenage Romantic Comedies between '95 and '02 was for me, the arrival of Freddie Prinze Jr.

Here's to more Freddie, or atleast a worthy replacement. And less of the mindless bullshit on offer nowadays.

2 responses to "The Prinze of Romance...Jr"

  1. Awesome post. i too, love FPJ. Very underrated actor. Such sadness.
    Ps - you're only going to show your kids romantic comedies?


  2. Well SOMEONE won't let me show them football matches...


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The All of us.