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Wolverine releases in India today, and I was lucky enough to see a preview show last night. First off let me say that, Empire Magazine posted a blog about how Movie Studios need to ignore the fans, and man, I couldn't agree more. What I saw was a contrived, compressed and overall insipid film. It follows Wolverine's entire journey from Weapon X on Alkali Lake (Remember X2?) right up till a little before X-Men (2000) and involves the strained relationship with his brother Victor Creed (Sabretooth) and Team X.

The movie in my opinion was as straightforward as they possibly could have had it. No Alpha-Flight or Japan or anything; or perhaps for later sequels. The opening sequence showing a young James Howlett's father being killed by Victor Creed's drunken dad was altogether lame and I felt like laughing when his tiny little bone claws popped out and screamed into the night. Post that is a pretty decent montage that showed all the wars that Logan and Victor had fought in including the American Civil War, WWII and Vietnam.

Both are recruited by Team X which includes John Wraith (Kestrel), Wade Wilson(Deadpool) and David North(Maverick) to name a few and is headed by William Stryker. What follows is simple: Wolverine leaves cause he can't handle the baggage, then Revenge, Revenge again and Plot twist and Finale. This all interspersed with Revenge dialogue and action.

The Wolverine potrayed in this movie by Hugh Jackman, is undoubtedly cool, but let's just get it straight- This is not the same Wolverine from the comics. In the comics he's short, twistedly funny (at times) and is really, the best at what he does (They screwed this line in the movie). Liev Schrieber is the most humane Sabretooth yet. The action is extremely Rajnikant style especially in all scenes with Maverick/Agent Zero in them. But screw all that; I just really wanted to see Deadpool, and boy is he awesome- for the 2 minutes he's on screen. I couldn't believe they didn't give screen time to one of the most awesome characters from Marvel in recent times. I have been a fan of Ryan Reynolds since Smokin' Aces where he infact, is most badass, and continues that run in this film, which is why I'm pissed that they failed to exploit the awesomeness of his character and himself.

Gambit, again, was cool but wasted. He felt a little lost and seemed to be doing his own thing in the movie.

Basically, to sum it up, it really was a whatever movie, and felt too forced, cramming in scene after scene. The SFX, I'm suprised, were extraordinarily bad in some parts and the post-credit sequence I heard was an equally half-assed attempt, to save a dead character for future bucks-making.

I was really looking forward to this and it was thoroughly dissapointing. Here's to the Deadpool Spin-off.

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  1. Hey
    You know, it takes a special kind of bad movie, to make you so angry, in a teeth clenching way that you just really want to fucking hit someone or something.
    Throughout the movie I had images of Tom Cruise asking the key grip to go 'and punch that director really fucking hard!'
    The special effects were unbearably bad. The action sequences were ludicrously exaggerated and you know what, I believe that Wade Wilson CAN slice a bullet in two with a sword- but for fuck's sake you need to justify it.
    You know, Alan Moore once said that most people think comics are dumb, when in fact, the truth is most movies are.
    The greatest Wolverine line never used gets wasted in a half hearted sardonic conversation in passing.
    You know what, I WISH they'd made this movie like Spidey 3. It wouldve been a fucking improvement.
    Instead all they did was load up on characters we all wished we'd see and fucked the rest of the parts, about you know, Wolverine.
    And that's the saddest part. If all I had to complain about was that there was too many arbitrary characters, I'd still be happy. Instead those parts were the only ones I liked. I couldn't fucking believe my eyes when the bone claw first came out. It was beautiful. Just the way it ought to have been.
    For some reason though, everything else was just screams and flames and a compilation video of 'The complete fucking asshole's guide to bad Green Screening'
    God, I'm so pissed that they'd be this fucking careless.
    Oh, and why the FUCK did random fucking Samurai swords pop out of deadpool's hands?!
    Today's fucking word: initieso


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