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So I read this Empire blog's list of potential Captain Americas and it got me thinking about all the existing super hero actors and all of the ones in the apparent pipeline. (Is that the phrase? Pipeline...?) This post was originally a stream of conscious type thing, but Tejas nudged me towards a far detailed list.

1. Spiderman

Yeah, Tobey Maguire was quite shit wasn't he? He was good and everything, but he didn't have the awesome Peter Parker-ness. He was a great geek turned super hero, but I don't know, there's an awesome edginess to Peter Parker which just seemed so forced everytime Maguire's chubby cheeks yelled out 'Yeeeeaah' flying through the streets.

On the other hand, Emile Hirsch would, in my opinion be pretty awesome. He's the right build and after I saw him in 'Into the Wild' I am certain he could put in an awesome performance, being not just the geeky nerd with new powers, but also the really confused hormonal teenager dealing with morality issues way past his syllabus.

It's a tricky one, but I'm certain he'd pull off the punch lines and sylloliques far better than Tobey 'Oh look I had too much morphine and I'm slurring hope I can finish the line before I zzzzzz...' Maguire.

And by the way, the only real connection him and Kirsten Dunst had throughout the film was that they both had lazy eyes and gave you the sense you were interrupting an afternoon nap.


I know it's a long shot, but does anyone else think Michael J Fox would be totally perfect for the role if he were the same age he was for Back to the Future?

2. Black Widow

She's dark, she's sexy, she's russian and she wears a black leather body suit. Marvel's casting call read '20s, beautiful, speaks several languages fluently and is equally proficient in martial arts...' So who could fit the part? Apparently, Scarlett Johannson.

I have to admit, I like her as an actress, but I'm antsy about her for the part. They'd spoken to Emily Blunt, then Eliza Dushku, then apparently Hilary Swank, but it seems Johannson has signed the deal and is set to go ahead and do it. Chubby cheeks on Natasha Romanoff? Really, I don't quite see it. No doubt this was swayed by her role in the Black Dahlia, which just makes it all the more confusing.


Personally, I'm amazed that they didn't take someone thinner and taller. Emily Blunt being the first choice indicates they wanted that but I don't know, what about Megan fox, or Jessica Biel? Hell even Angelina Jolie would've given a darker sexier option. The only bright side is, of all the options Johannson is by far the best actress, very capable of surprising all of us. Let's hope she does.

Incidentally: Mickey freaking Rourke is going to play a combination of Whiplash and Crimson Dynamo! I'm psyched!

3. Wonder Woman

Ah, now here's a tough one. She needs to be tough, a bit voluptuous (Princess of a feminist nation can't be anorexic), preferably brunette, and more than anything else, she needs to be a power house. There's very few actresses I can think of, who can pull off a part like this, for the same reason no actor's ever really pulled off Superman (I'm not even getting into this one). To some extent, I have a weird feeling a younger Julia Roberts would've been pretty awesome for the part solely because of her performance as Erin Brokovich. I can't stress just how weird that feeling is.

There's a whole host of hot women who could do a job, but man, this is a feminist freaking icon. She is the alpha female. You need someone as intense as Christian Bale's Batman, and as awesome as Christopher Reeves' Superman. So I'm going to have to lean, kind of awkwardly, towards Carla Gugino. The reason I wouldn't stake too much on this one, is that Gugino's now 38 years old. Which seems like the right maturity for her, but phsyically, would she pull it off? Not so sure.

Apparently Joss Whedon's involvement in the script meant Sarah Michelle Gellar may be considered but I'm pretty certain that would never happen. Keri Russell did the voice for her in the animated feature but in person I'm sorry, I don't see that working out.


Wait for it...Angelina Jolie! Although I'm not too convinced it'd be the best plan. Otherwise I dunno, Maybe Penelope Cruz...accent might even work for her. I don't know though. Then there's Jennifer Connelly. She can act and she is pretty gorgeous. Only issue is, will anyone remember her from the first Hulk movie? Ahahahaha! But seriously, she's an accomplished actor with the right build. Is she too soft though?

4. Green Lantern

Okay, here's a fucking awesome character, with an awesome personality asset- will power. In the animated film they used the voice of David Boreanaz. Angel from Buffy for those don't recognise. Before we go further, we need to realise, that the Green Lantern is a huge, huge character, who comes with a whole universe behind him. Superman has Krypton which is fine and dandy, but the Green Lantern's roots are inextricably linked to the entire universe. It'll be hard to get it all on film, but that's the kind of weight that this character has, so regardless of whether they shoot scenes in outer galaxies, it's integral to the way the guy functions. Not to mention the sequels.

Mark Wahlberg's name's been touted and he could do it, but because of the humour quotient, maybe a Matt Damon could pull it off better? Both of them are old and this is a part that needs the guy to be as fit as possible.

They're starting shooting this September and rumour has it Ryan Gosling and Emile Hersch passed on the role, which leaves Anton Yelchin. Yeah, I've never heard of him either. Slightly more farcical rumours see Eric Dane (McDreamy) and Nathan Fillion (Captain Hammer from Dr. Horrible's sing-along blog) in the running.

Although, Chris Pine, the guy from Princess Diaries 2, could have set himself up for this after a superb performance in Smokin' Aces.


Now, I've thought this through, and I will lay it on gently, the man I feel could really do justice to Hal Jordan is...Guy Pearce! I just saw him play Houdini and man, he would not only have the grit and cool guy-ness to pull it off, he'd look pretty awesome in the suit. Not to mention his part in Memento. But then again he is 42, so how many films can he do? At the rate at which the first one's going can he do even one?

Incidentally, there were rumours they'd make a comedic version starring Jack Black!

5. Captain America

Aaron Eckhart. Please. With a cherry on top! He IS Captain America, admit it, you thought so too! But seriously, he's got the looks, the build, the acting ability to yell "Does the A on my head stand for FRANCE?!" Otherwise, there is that random dark horse, who unfortunately fits the bill quite perfectly, Will Smith. I have a weird feeling after his 'jumping- heart beat' scene from Hancock he could really do Steve Rogers justice.


Tom Cruise maybe, I don't know. Just shooting in the dark now. Maybe Brad Pitt. Neither are convincing though. This is a far better list though.

6. The Flash

Let's first clarify, the script that seems to have been accepted will feature both Wally AND Barry Allen. But then that script may not be the one. Or it might be. Noone seems to know. Unfortunately and ironically, the whole project is moving regressively slowly, and while Ryan Reynolds was initially touted for the part, his involvement with Marvel as Deadpool could rule him out. Which really blows, because he's so perfect for the part.

That leaves us with Neil Patrick Harris and Scott Porter. NPH is awesome and he gave the voice, but honestly, I don't think the character would be taken seriously enough if he played it. Scott Porter though, (Rex Racer from Speed Racer) does look like a seriously cool contender.


Ryan Phillipe perhaps, but I'd be really weary if it did happen. Adam Brody always makes me cringe but he might just do a decent job. He's popular too. Oooooh! Might as well just take Sean William Scott...!

7. Dr. Strange

This is going to sound bizarre, but every time I've seen Dr. Strange drawn, I've always, quite inexplicably, seen him as George Hamilton in a cape. The doctors are doing what they can to help me.

Seriously though, Richard Gere. Aahahahaha!

No really, I think hands down, no questions asked, no looking back- Hugo freaking Weaving. The fact that he's Brit just serves this up with a side dish of fries. Not for the accent, but for the kind of intensity his generation of brit actors bring to their roles.

On the other hand, Tejas insists on Liam Neeson, who, to be fair, is in there with a shout. My only concern is his accent.


Tim Robbins could really do justice to the part. He's an awesome actor and he's the right age. Bryce Johnson did the voice but honestly he's more likely to play The Flash. He's far too young.

8. Luke Cage

Barack Obama! Denzel Washington! Mike Tyson! Wait. That might work...I'm presently leaning towards Ving Rhames (Mission Impossible 1 and 2- played Luther the hacker...) but I don't know if he can give the character the depth he deserves. Tyrese Gibson seems to have been signed but it's all really fuzzy and honestly, I don't think he can make the character anything more than an angry black guy stereotype.


Will Smith? Or is that a bit unfair? I'm never sure with him. As an actor, he really can do pretty much everything. Jamie Foxx? Or is he too little? Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson maybe...

9. Black Panther

Chiwetel Ejiofor, Keira Knightley's husband from Love Actually, is apparently the front runner to play the Wakandan King, but I don't quite see it. I've not seen enough of him to judge him yet.

Seriously though, I find it hard to argue with Djimon Hounsou for the part. He's big, he's impassioned and he can pull off a regal air. He's a stunning actor as well. Seriously, I don't know who else would fit better. Let's just hope they actually make the film though.

Anyway, that's about all I could think of. Told you it'd be random and a bit aimless so there you go. I had two categories for Namor and Aquaman as well, but it's a bit too up in the air right now. Vincent Chase seems like the only real option and well, he's fictional so there you go. Here's a thought- Keanu Reeves for Namor?

If there's anyone you think would be better, or if there's any super hero I may have left out, please mention in the comments. I'd just like to say, that the current Marvel selection, barring Maguire (Sony's fault as much as anyone's really) has been quite impeccable. I had issues with Jessica Alba but then she wasn't a total disaster either.

Here's to some great adaptations, and some even better sequels.

And also, According to Jim- worst sitcom EVER!

1 response to "The rights to those tights..."

  1. Dude...Props bro!
    Yeah I said it!
    So heres my 2 paise:
    1. Spiderman - I will maintain that they should have had a younger paul rudd, that would have been PERFECT. He is peter parker. and kirsten dunst sucked majorly. she is in no way MJ, though bryce howard was gwen totally. but not in brains. Franco rules.
    2. Hilary swank, penelope cruz (with a russian accent), famke jansen, or rebecca romjin stamos.
    3. Demi Moore or Kelly preston, but since they are too old, jennifer connelly all the way.
    4. not david boreanz... basically dennis quaid ten years ago. or Billy crudup.
    5.Aaron Eckhart, and for lack of anyone else, a serious mathew mcconahuey.
    6. Adam brody?
    8.Michael Jai White? Omar Epps?


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The All of us.