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Hello everybody. I realise this may come off as a really geeky, stalk-ery post, but know that I do this for all the KT fans worldwide. I realised that since She had not updated her website in a long time, but sparks and rumours began to fly around summer time about a new album, that possibly they was something coming around maybe towards the end of this year(now). So let me at the very outset say that this is a comprehensive-ish post about all the information I have gathered about KT's new work, by scouring the internet and finding bits and bobs of news. Also the album is in all probability coming out sometime in the first half of 2010. Though she also mentioned somewhere that she wanted to record her new album in a solar power studio, but I haven't heard any news of her recording any new material anywhere so far. Personally I hope she's on it but also since she was touring during her first year of marriage, I hope she has time to chill as well.

No name has been released for an album, and I have not yet heard of any pre-production yet, but here are some of her new tracks that she's being playing at live gigs.

1. Poison in Your Cup: This one's about George Bush I heard, still proving to be the inspiration for many songs, articles, etc. She performed this one solo with her 'wee bastard' loop pedal at the Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship 2009. Very dramatic, very powerful slow number.

2. Fireworker: One of my favourites right now, typical drastic fantastic KT, almost like a major version of 'Hold On' and catchy chorus.

3. Madame Trudeau: Going back the 'Black Horse' style here, about a former Canadian president's wife who apparently ran off to be with the Rolling Stones.

4. The Hidden Part: This one is actually from a fundraising compilation album called 'Songs for Survival' in aid of endangered Amazon tribes, which explains the track's very early american-red-indian-river-valley type, but again with her mellow vocals, proves to be quite surreal. Good quality recording in the link.

Other songs are 'Turn Into You' (probably destined to become a B-Side) and Scarlet Tulip, a slowish standard expected from her in almost all her albums (like 'Paper Aeroplane' or 'Silent Sea') and these new songs should sound even better in studio quality.
Anyway the point of all this that KT will always have great songs, because A: she has a great band to back up her vocals and melodies, and that B she's an experienced live artist touring for almost 10 years before she was discovered, thus making her a goldmine of yet unreleased-but-supremely-awesome songs. Also this was therapeutic for me in a way, finally I could devise a way to re-listen to all her new stuff, from links on a single page.
If there are any updates or otherwise, that I have missed, please inform me.

Also KT, if there's any chance in hell you are reading this, please just come to India and to like Mumbai this time. I know you were in the Rajasthani desert! She jammed with Rajasthani percussionists! She and Luke Bullen (Her husband) played a Dhol-type drum (A much bigger one)!
Can't believe I didn't know about that. I would have gone to Tilonia.

4 responses to "KT Tunstall's New Material"

  1. great stuff! (in a completely non Harry way)
    you finally done it. a post on KT i mean. i, however, like (and agree with just a little, only cuz i haven't heard all that much of her) what Harry suggested you write :

    'KT Tunstall = awesome'


  2. Very naice you. I lurves KT. I lurves post.


  3. Yay KT.


  4. Bro!
    You are a warrior web head.
    *fist to the Gods*


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The All of us.