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Ello All,
I love movies. I Love Football. And like most of you, dear readers, I like British people.
So when I find a young, talented Welsh actor, who chose drama over sport, and still regrets that choice, it makes me jump up and down in little happy fits. That's happy. Not gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
The title of this post would suggest Michael Sheen has only three films to his name. That's just not true. He's done several other little performances, most notably in the Underworld series and the excellent Kingdom of Heaven.
But the fact remains, that his largely Theatre centric career, is most famous for three films- The Queen, Frost/Nixon and recently, The Damned United. I've seen all three now, in that order, and anyone who's seen them will agree they are excellent films.
All three represent real life characters, and as is the case with most depictions of real life characters, all are said to be flawed representations.
In the Queen, he plays a young, enthusiastic Tony Blair. His wide smile and charming demeanour immediately convince you he looks exactly like Tony Blair. He's impassioned, he's witty and above all else he's very very confused.
He then plays David Frost, the journalist who yanked out of Nixon what an entire American public failed to. His wide smile and charming demeanour immediately convince you he's some kind of awesome. He's impassioned, he's witty and he's also very very confused.
He then plays Brian Clough, the brilliant manager who led several shitty teams to great things. His wry smile, and self serving charm lead you to believe he IS 'Cloughie.' He's impassioned, he's witty, and above all else, he's very very stubborn.
Now it's clear that in all three cases there are many similarities, and in fact, a lazy watcher could say, he plays the same person over and over again.
To them, I would offer this quote from the man himself:
"It's interesting that in searching for monsters to play you often end up playing leaders."
The thing is, unlike Tom Cruise, who almost ALWAYS does play the same guy with a different name, Sheen tends to play, as he puts himself- himself.
Most great actors tend to put themselves into their part. In fact, our very own Tejas used it as a means to play his last, comparatively smaller part.
What amazes me about Sheen though, is that unlike Cruise, I am excited to see his next film, not because he is bad ass- but simply because I know how thoroughly flawed and innately big headed his characters(and he) can be.
In The Damned United, a film criticised, as always, for being untrue he changes his accent, his mannerisms and even the very core of his personality. The characters all have very different motivations, yet there is something about all of them, something in the way they all smile through their own personal problems and fight on to a greater clarity.
At this point, I think the best way I can describe my opinion of Michael Sheen is in one word- Intrigue.
I am thoroughly psyched to see him in Alice in Wonderland where he'll be playing the White Rabbit.
I have a feeling I know how he'll approach the role, and I have a feeling it will feel a little familiar again, but just like the last 2 films of his I saw, I cannot wait to see what happens with it.
To anyone who is yet to experience a Michael Sheen performance, I suggest you find yourself a copy of any of the three films mentioned here.
It will be a thoroughly intriguing watch, especially after you read this.

6 responses to "The Michael Sheen trilogy: A Review"

  1. you know what i love about most of YOUR posts, in particular?
    that after reading them, i either end up feeling like a fool who's missed out on an experience (as in this), or i end up thinking "HEY! that's what i thought first" (as in the Freddie Prinze Jr. post), or then i just feel like an idiot who can't express her opinion on movies that she really likes (as in most movie reviews you do)
    so yeah.


  2. Thanks man. I'm just glad I can help Tejas in his quest to educate you on English movies.


  3. Great post you. I havent seen The Damned United (tshirt game? why WOULD I see it?) but that was before I knew it had Michael Sheen.

    Who, let me add will be the yummiest White Rabbit ever. And also missy, he wont be familiar. He will be an iconic RABBIT.

    PS - You dont get to see Alice in Wonderland till you read the book. You have 5 months before it releases. Get cracking. You have to read BOTH Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, because Tim Burton is using characters from both. Get CRACKING!


  4. Ahhh. Why you gotta bust my ass like that? I've read atleast the first one. When I was like 8. Fine ill read again. Btw, it's mostly based on this messed up video game from the 90s. I may do that as part of my preparation also.
    I knew I shouldnt have gotten into this damn site.
    Getting homework and what not.


  5. I can't believe you havent read through and alice.
    its awesome, and i read it after i grew up.(which is still happening)


  6. I HAD to come back to this post, because of the tube-light that I am. I just realised who this guy is! He's the guy who plays Aro in New Moon. HA!


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