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So today while I was hunting around the net for football transfer stories I came across the news that someone had bought someone but neither of them had anything to do with football.

Incredibly enough Disney has bought Marvel and everything it owns. The deal is said to take about a year to complete but the fact remains that two of our favorite childhood companies have come together.

As Tejas and I gasped when we heard, the truth is, we have no idea what this means.

Undoubtedly Disney have some mega strategy in line, the concern is about what that strategy entails.

Will all Marvel movies start with the Walt Disney castle?

Will Steve Rogers now actually come back?

Will Hannah Montana be the new Ms. Marvel?

Will The Punisher stop killing and leave pretty flowers of change and affirmation instead?

Commercially, it's fairly clear what this means. Marvel related theme parks/rides, Marvel toys, Marvel stationery, Marvel clothing will be bigger than ever. Perhaps, dare I dream, we may even see a few Marvel TV shows.

More significantly though Marvel can now challenge DC with a new improved studio's backing (DC has been able to spread out a lot more with Warner Bros' millions). Alternately ofcourse, Disney can challenge Warner Bros. with a whole new stable of characters to add to their list.

What worries me though, is how much more Marvel will commercialise. It's brief work with Sony gave us some of the least true representations of awesome moments. To be fair Wolverine was all them so maybe it's not always an outside studio's fault.

More than anything else though I'm scared. Disney's work has always been with a very different target group. Marvel's target group isn't nearly as specific as disney's is so I just hope they have the chops to run a place like Marvel without diluting it too much.

I suppose the main concern will be whether Quesada and his team have the same creative control they formerly had. With hands tied, and a new focus, it may not bode well for what is, so much more than just a comic book company to so many people.

Marvel's about imagining in the real world. About having problems and being a complete geek about it. About being super but always, under all circumstances, being harshly real. I just hope we don't lose that. Again, in all fairness, the imminent return of Captain America may very well have ended that without Disney's intervention.

Anyway, here's to the entire Civil War Arc performed by dancers for a bunch of kids. On ice.

Ps. Special thanks to Tejas for manning this ship all by himself for so damn long. He really, undoutedly, truly and deeply is the.

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  1. i was wondering about the transfer myself. i can see it now, Beauty and the "Beast" (played by Dr. Hank Mcoy of course), The Little Mermaid would be about Namor's daughter perhaps. Alternatively, the man behind the Dr. Doom Mask is none other than....dum dum de dum...a grown up Mowgli from the Jungle book; oh such endless possibilities

    1+2+2=5, 1+2+3=6: 56

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