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I saw Cloverfield last night, and I don’t give about what reviews it may have received but, WOW. I was freaking amazed. It was awesomely filmed with a decently tight script that held my attention throughout, even though I watched it on HBO, with commercials and all. So I can’t imagine what it must have felt like in theatres.

Anyway that short intro was just to emphasize an idea I had thought of earlier last year, but didn’t know what to do with. What better than to post it on The Write Stuff for the entire world to see? (Still not copyrighted)

I have a dream. A dream that movie studios across the globe could come together in a project so awesomely huge in its scope that it could form the base for future such symbiosis of this nature. Take a major studio to helm: say Universal (seems apt) and take one global movie plot: ALIEN INVASION! Clichéd? Maybe, but bear with it. Now imagine if 10 studios from 10 different countries are fed or even develop 10 scripts built around the same theme of the above mentioned alien invasion. And so the contracts are signed and deals are negotiated. The movies are made. But what movies? Here are my ideas! America could do the big budget action flick dealing with the aliens. UK could do drama or even comedy. Euro Cinema could go complete art house. India could do romance or even a thriller (though that idea dies slowly everyday since Tasveer). You see the beauty of the project is really that there could be so many ways to tell the same story, so many perspectives of a common global event. It could even have intertwining plots and crossover moments not unlike what Marvel Studios is heading towards with the release of Avengers. Watch the strained relationship Batman and The Martian Manhunter share in Justice League: The New Frontier. Yes they are both fictional comic book characters, but their interaction is completely realistic and is dramatized intensely, which just shows that you can have pretty much any genre regarding a particular topic such as this, which is what producers should exploit.

And then, think of the MARKETING! The extent of this kind of operation has immense potential. Viral marketing to rival (Viral? Rival?) The Dark Knight and that on a global scale. It also boosts the comparatively smaller studios of other countries. Vital details regarding the plot could be spread over all the different movies which would encourage movie-goers like myself to see all the collaborative efforts.

Anyway. It’s just a really cool idea that I would love to see happen. I don’t really know if anyone else has thought of this, but if they can do Live 8 and crossover films, I’m sure someone will think this up too. Also I could not come up with a good name, so for now I dub it ‘PROJECT ASSEMBLE’.

P.S. We the Write Stuff strongly recommends ‘Shake it’ by Metro Station followed by a good ol’ fashioned hanging or bullet in the ‘ead! And Cloverfield rules.

3 responses to "Project Assemble!"

  1. Quite a plan. With global warming and the various impending doomsday situations like tsunamis/meteor strikes/sun related heat streaks/a BJP led coalition, etc. we may very soon have an event this big.
    The best part for me though, would be that the event doesn't just impact America. It's always the huge beasts who'll visit america. the giant monster'll pop out of the ocean right near freaking New York.
    And you know what, "if they do it like this maybe we'll do it like that."
    Today's word- glyzvals.


  2. very naice, very naice. The marketing potential you pointed out intrigues me. it is intriguing.
    Project Assemble really is an awesome idea, one of the best you've had. Almost on par with, hmm...powder extract? Next blog, that? We even have photos to illustrate it!
    Shake it. A-shake it.
    I miss you'll.

    ps - harry, those particular lyrics do not exist in the song. They should, but in reality, they do not. My word is cooler: wiroch.


  3. Hey nice post. In future can you guys use a larger font, like the one you used for Mogambo!


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